Licensed, Bonded Warehouse

Advantages of Using our Customs Bonded Warehouse / Yard

Licenses, endorsements, and permits include:

Acts as a safe haven for Items subject to quota or other import restrictions while alternative logistics are worked out.

Handling and warehousing of In Bond Cargo is made easy, and streamlined, while providing a cost effective solution to importing cargo.

Import cargo that is unable to clear Customs at the Port of Entry can be transported, and stored cost effectively under our bond.

North American Holdings Limited’s bonded warehouse and yard are used for the storage of imports that are undergoing Customs examination, in long or short term bonded storage under “Warehouse Entry”, or is pending final release from Customs custody. Our Bonded yard is available for the storage of heavy / bulky imports.

Our Customs Bonded Warehouse has over 21,000 sq feet of high quality, covered, secure bonded warehousing space with 24 hour security patrols, CCTV, and alarm systems that allow our customers to store imports up to five years with confidence. Our Container Freight Station, accompanied by the most experienced, complete line of quality and innovative, shipping and import services in Africa, allows our customers cost effective solutions that seamlessly integrate budgetary concerns and import logistics planning.

We can unload full container loads into our bonded warehouse or you have the option to park your import trailer or container in our bonded yard. When the shipment is cleared you may recover it or we can arrange delivery.

Importers appreciate the flexibility of our Mwanza based, bonded warehouse program and with our extensive bonded warehousing experience we are happy to offer advice and help on any import issues you may have.

Our Partner Refinery

Our company is fortunate to have a partnership with the Mwanza Precious Metals Refinery, in Tanzania. Please click on the link below for additional details.

Mwanza Precious Metals Refinery

Mwanza Precious Metals Refinery Co. Ltd

Our Partner Web Services

Another company we are in partnership with is Monarch Productions, LLC., which specializes in building state of the art websites, business applications, designing your logo, letterhead, and more. Please click on the link below for additional details.

Monarch Productions LLC can build your website, set up email accounts, host your website and create artwork for all of your projects.